"Special programs"


Energetic Body Grounding.


Energetic Body Grounding is a body work process that embraces the wisdom of the art of karate in regards to most efficient way of using the human body. It is based on practical application of movement principles that positively affect the way we move, feel and communicate through the body language in various life activities.


EBG focuses on energizing and grounding the body through safe, interactive exercises that improve the balance (center body and mind), increase the energy ow through the body (activation based on engaging the ground) and generally enhance your body awareness. One of the most important facets of EBG is postural improvement which furthers the positive shift towards the feelings of condence and empowerment.


Body posture is particularly important in martial arts where properly centered body not only shapes mental attitude but often determines the outcome of the fight before its start.The analogy can be drawn to everyday life where the language of our bodies seriously impacts the way we face life’s challenges and often determine the results of our actions.


Internal conditioning


The goal of "Internal conditioning" program is to make practical use of internal body activation in order to improve the performance in different sport disciplines/individual routines.


The process uses active grounding as a platform for maximum energy increase and relies on special way of breathing which rapidly activates entire physical structure.


The work creates synergistic action between internal and external movement’s components which greatly empowers the body and automatically translates into improved speed, versatility and better timing.


Internal conditioning applies to multiple modern sport disciplines and provides instant feedback for the athlete regardless the routine.


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