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Karate: Reinventing The Technique

Karate, Reinventing the Technique is the first study on the subject explaining the homogeneous nature of karate technique. It is an in-depth exploration of energetic aspect of movement that includes breathing, use of physics and synchronized action of mind-body system.

The book is an essential guide for more advance karate practitioners as well as other martial artists interested in deeper exploration of movement’s principles. It also outlines the benefits of transferring the knowledge to different sports and routines in regards to improving performance.

Karate, Reinventing the Technique offers the following:


  • Explains how all techniques are based on the same principle
  • Provides practical guidelines for generating more speed and power
  • Explains the function of stances and why they look the way they look
  • Explains why excessive hip action may actually reduce the power of your techniques
  • Includes many interactive exercises that bring instant feedback

    Kamil Kroczewshi has been studying karate for over twenty five years. He was a student of Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama and an instructor at the National Karate Institute in Los Angeles, which at that time was the most prestigious traditional karate dojo in the world.


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