Kamil builds a bridge between eastern martial arts and western psychotherapy, specifically Bioenergetics. He teaches principles which are sorely missed in current Western therapeutic practices. Prior to studying with Kamil, I had spent years in therapy dealing with ADD and anxiety related issues. I have made remarkable improvements in my cognitive and emotional functioning since studying Karate with Kamil. He has an adeptness in many areas, and is remarkable at synthesizing eastern and western traditions of martial arts, science, psychology and physiology. - Craig Bergman, Writer, Los Angeles, CA

Learning proper body alignment together with centered diaphragmatic breathing reflex make our karate a great help for professional musicians. - David Holland, saxophone player, Los Angeles, CA

Kamils's approach can greatly benefit swimmers and other athletes in general. His breathing technique is the missing link to various sport applications. - Mateusz Sawrymowicz - Olympic swimmer and World Champion, Poland

Kamils's life mission is to deepen his understanding of karate technique. His research demonstrates that core principles can be applied to and maximize any sports technique. His mastery of breathing is amazing. Under his guidance, I improved greatly as a black belt and I still apply his advice during circus training. - Cloe Jazwinski, Art Director, black belt and trapeze artist, Los Angeles, CA.

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