About Kamil Kroczewski.

Sensei Kamil Kroczewski represents a new generation of karate instructors emerging from the long history of Japanese karate. His adventure with traditional karate started in 1990 in Lodz, Poland where he started training under Sensei Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski, President of European Traditional Karate Federation.

A few years later, Kamil decided to come to Los Angeles to study Karate under Master Hidetaka Nishiyama (disciple of Master Gichin Funakoshi - the founder of modern karate-do) and his devoted student and gifted instructor Sensei Avi Rokah.

Thanks to hard work and commitment to serious training, Sensei Kamil became one of the instructors for National Karate Institute (the dojo of Sensei Nishiyama - the most prestigious traditional karate dojo in the world) and world famous Traditional Karate Academy to this day.
He is also one of the top West Coast karate athletes and has represented team California during recent years (Silver medalist for team California in US Nationals 2009 and 2011 and Gold in 2012)

Sensei Kroczewski has worked with numerous people and different institutions which included teaching at schools, corporations and teaching karate as a part of therapy.

His dream is to make the values of the art of karate available to all.





Our Approach:

Our goal is to share karate's wisdom, beauty and power with everybody. We strongly believe that timeless values of traditional karate can benefit people of all ages - not only by improving their physical and mental health but also by enriching their occupations or other disciplines of sport.

We strongly emphasize the spirit of Japanese Budo by focusing on building strong spirit and stressing the importance of good conduct and respect for others. Besides the self-defense aspects, we focus on postural improvement and correct development of muscular strength and coordination.

Our goal is to achieve an entirely natural and "free" physical movement which indicates the true mastery of karate technique. This 'free' and natural mode of body movement proves efficient not only in fighting mode but can substantially improve body reflexes which results in maximized reaction efficiency in other sports.

Sensei Kamil believes that karate technique is "the perfect design" that combines unlimited depth and utmost simpicity. He is actively researching the various applications that can be used to optimize the athlethic performances in all sports. This quest is unprecedented in modern sport history.

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