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The process of learning karate techniques has always meant, to me, uncovering their true nature and looking for a “magic” hidden deep inside them. I was trying to find something that reflects their fundamental nature, the perfect movement’s formula. Years of study (I must admit to be very lucky having access to top world class instruction) and self- search brought me to the point of realization that internal and external aspects of movement are inseparable if not dependent on each other. And although in an evolved technique KI energy does take the leadership the ability for efficient use of muscles remains crucial.


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Yin & Yang energy lines REVISED

Karate technique is a combination of intentional creation and distribution of the energy - a physical movement that enables human body the use of its’ full potential at the time. In previous chapter I explained that the technique is a result of energetic process based on simultaneously applied pressure and captured reaction involving both the body and the ground (the ground playing a role of outside energy source). In the process the physical body becomes a channel for creation, increase and transfer (delivery) of the energy to the targe


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General concepts of karate stances

The proper stance is a foundation of karate technique. It’s a prerequisite for synergistic effect of mental focus, breathing action and muscular contraction increasing and peaking simultaneously. Karate stance is a framework for the energy circulating between the body, the ground and the target. Respectively, the purpose of each stance is to make this framework fully effective by: - allowing full activation of all body segments - supporting individual technique through utilizing that activation by applying combined forces in certain direction and in specific way (determined by the stance used). Although there are many different factors responsible for each stance’s efficiency I am mostly going to focus on the energetic aspect of a stance with addition of some elements of anatomical nature.


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Energy transfer in karate techniques

The timing of energy transfer, which is the core of each technique (or any dynamic body transition) is determined by the stage of energy increase within the movement. As explained in vertical slingshot chapter, each technique includes stages of initiation/increase and climax/release. The transfer is simply part of the process of efficiently distributing the energy along the body once its increase reaches the maximum level. The energy then can be either transferred directly to the target (gyaku zuki in stationary position or combined with footwork*) or to the other side of body and to the target (kizami zuki with forward slide).


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