• Wisdom in Motion
    To enter the way of karate means to embark on a unique journey of self discovery and personal growth. A journey that will make you stronger physically and spiritually. A journey that will help you redefine the word "limit" on a daily basis.
  • Light on your Path
    In karate the teacher or 'Sensei' is your guide on the path towards mastery. He serves as a catalyst for achieving your highest potential.
  • Shadow of your Mind
    The opponent serves as a mirror reflexing your weaknesses and fears. Mental focus, technical expertise and clarity of mind help you overcome yourself, thus overcome your opponent.
  • Building stronger Individuals
    Everyday training makes every day a success - teaching you self-reliance and self-control.
  • A stronger Community
    Improving yourself can help others improve themselves too! Authentic self discovery brings to your life authentic values of friendship and respect for others.